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Ladies - I posted asking about HRT after this cancer in uterus is gone - I read it is safe because everything is removed - but I’ve been reading it’s not true - what about testosterone ?


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    Hi and welcome. Do you mean you are asking about taking testosterone after total hysterectomy for uterine cancer? I have never read anything about taking testosterone other than having a low level for either male or female. There is a lab test to see if your testosterone level is normal.

    As far as HRT after your cancer in uterus is gone. There is no guarantee it IS gone. Cells can escape during surgery, or may have moved and be undetectable. Single cells can be left behind. And my understanding is estrogen and progesterone positive cells will be stimulated to grow by these hormones. Cancer treatment gives no guarantees. You have to decide the risks you are willing to take and the quality of life you are willing to accept.

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    By all means enquire but my guess is you'll find it contraindicated if yours turns out to be endometrioid adenocarcinoma, the "garden variety" UC that feeds on estrogen. Testosterone is an estrogen precursor, if I remember correctly, and as such, should not be used as HRT. As forherself stated above, "everything is removed" cannot be guaranteed. As I discovered, being told I was "cured" following surgery and external radiation did not save me from three subsequent recurrences (for which I have been successfully treated). I was prescribed testosterone cream between the time of my original and my first recurrence diagnoses for low libido. A consulting oncologist told me that was a mistake.

    I am quite confident a competent gynecological oncologist will have suggestions about what to do in the aftermath of loss of ovaries in a pre- or peri- or post-menopausal woman. Respectfully, the effort right now will be geared towards diagnosis and staging of the disease and crafting a treatment that you accept.

    Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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    Greetings and thanks for responding - cancer is something my body created for a lot of reasons - the gynecological oncologist said I absolutely can continue my testosterone pellets so I plan on that - when they remove everything I will have no means to produce estrogen - right now since I’m off my patch and helpers and pills - I’m having dips in estrogen and it’s causing debilitating anxiety -to where I almost had to be hospitalized last night - that is zero quality of life - the body and brain needs estrogen and testosterone - but not too much - it’s a balancing act - I’m still producing it now and the tumor they took out with the biopsy seems to be doing better - I stopped bleeding - no pain - etc so if I’m producing it now and things aren’t getting worse - I should be able to have a small dose via patch after as our organs desperately need this as discussed in the estrogen matters book and at this point I’ve watched several interviews that day even after cancer we should get it - o know this is unconventional but this is my thought -

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    I hope your anxiety has settled down. It seems to me all the treatments, or the choice to not have treatment, have risks. Each woman has to make those decisions for herself.