Endometrial cancer - grade 1 can I get HRT

lbeck100 Member Posts: 17 Member

Hello all - I’m new here diagnosed March 13 with endometrial carcinoma endometriod type FIGO 1 ER 3+ and PR3+ p53 wild and p16 patchy - I’m having the total hysterectomy around April 11 - can I go back on HRT? I’m so scared about not being able to have it as when I started with perimenopause I got on estrogen / I was on it 2 weeks before the progesterone came in the mail - I’m not sure why I got this but I know it’s early and only I’m uterus - I’m confused if I can get estrogen again or not because I can tell I will be very depressed and anxious without estrogen - not even to talk about protection for brain/ bones/ heart- Alzheimer’s runs in my family - anyone have experience with this? Trying to prepare for what docs will tell me