Any long term survivors with stage 4

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I have survived 1 year with Stage iv esophageal cancer. It spread to my bones and liver, and immunotherapy made my body attack itself too and I nearly died from liver failure as a result. I have also gone through many rounds of chemo that did nothing but make me sick and thin, as my cancer grew.

However, I have always been very very healthy, and lived a healthy active lifestyle. And I'm 42, have 2 kids, and both a wife and job I am head over heals for still. I love my life. And I've responded well to treatment, even with the major troubles and setbacks. I am aldo fortunate to be able to get treatment at the Cleveland Clinic.

My diet is strict, I exercise, and get bio therapies, chemo and radiation. I am not a candidate for surgery.

My bone tumors are gone, after chemo that did work and radiation. My liver tumors are almost gone. And there have ben significant reductions in the size of my huge primarily tumor and the tumors in 4 lymphnodes.

I'm writing to hopefully find other stage 4 ec survivors to talk to; especially those who have lived many year with it. Please respond if that's you.