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I have been cancer free for over 1 1/2 years from colorectal cancer I am due for my first colonoscopy since and I am looking for suggestions on how to stop the anxiety I am having for my upcoming test on May 24th. I just keep remembering the surgeon coming to me telling me I had rectal cancer. Thanks


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    I think the anxiety is part of the process. Meditation and focusing on breathing or being in the moment helps some. For me, knowing the statistics (age, staging, etc) helped on a rational basis--on any given test my chance of recurrence was not all that high--but the nagging anxiety, especially for me in the middle of the night, is hard to escape. At least you are among others who understand the feeling. Hopefully, others will chime in with better suggestions.

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    Going with Sandia's sage advice, I'll just add not fearing an anti-anxiety med, if you are losing sleep or letting stress eat you up. Living in the moment, my other regular old saw/offering is also useful, keeping as much to the day's activities, and not staring down that set of possible roads, any more than necessary, is a big protection for QOL, and the discipline of learning that, is another weapon for any hardships we humans must face. At a year and a half after my colectomy and Folfox chemo., my CEA was rising, bit by bit, destined to be liver mets, and my wife was just healing from brain surgery, and starting the radiation treatments, to contain/slow her tumor roots, so I do understand the unrelenting anxiety that forced me to adapt my mind to this path. You too will have to adapt and get mentally stronger. Best of luck with that effort..............................Dave

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    SandiaBuddy and beaumontdave, as always, are on point.

    Exercise helps me and others here. It can be anything. Going for a walk on a nice path and listening to music (including a comedy album) or podcasts works. Take some time to do things you like. For me photography and guitar playing on the list. If I pick up my guitar and just noddle around a bit, it often makes me feel better. Whatever it is you like to do, do it and enjoy it.

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    Thanks, NewHere, for the reminder about the importance of exercise. It helped me enormously as well, especially during chemo. I used to hike Grand Canyon on my off weeks, and it is a habit I have kept till this day--I am heading out there this weekend. I find a physically challenging hike takes up almost all of my excess energy and all I can think about is the hike itself. And that is a relief. Thank you for your sage reminder about the important role of exercise.

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    I have had many colonoscopy. It definitely is an anxious time. The prep is the worst. Each time have had pre cancerous polyps. You really have to mentally prepare yourself. Know that it is in your best interest. My will be in another 3 years. Then I will be 76. My cancer was diagnosed in 2000. Talk to someone about how you feel. Let me know if I can help. 🤗

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    Hello, Steph. You are completely normal for having anxiety. If someone tells you anything different, then they most likely have never awoke to a doctor telling them that they have cancer. I too, had a similar situation. I went in for my first colonoscopy just over 1 year ago. I woke up and was told that I had rectal cancer. After Chemo, Radiaton, Surgery, and LAR Surgery, I have now been cancer free for 6 months. I am scheduled for my first CT scan in August, as well as my first Colonoscopy since my cancer was removed. Do I get anxious....You Bet. However, since I was diagnosed with cancer, It helps to control my anxiety by living in the moment. Appreciate the simple things in life..a morning sunrise or evening sunset.... just enjoy the beaty that surrounds us. it can be difficult at times, but Try to Not allow your anxiety to control your doing are letting Cancer win...YOU are 1-1/2 years cancer free. Celebrate life each and every day! My motto is Faith over Fear....and understanding our life is in God's hands! CARPE DIEM!

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    I have Mine coming up too and I’m putting off the screening. I’m so scared to hear I have cancer again

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    I think my fear is that I have no idea how I beat it the first time.