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Dear wonderful people, I am here once again because state health wouldn't assist me. I have taken my mum to the medical unit ever so often and all they do is a full blood count. I had to insist that a private doctor would do a blood test to check out all her organs. Everything else looked fine but her liver has some damage and her platelets are at 56 000. She has hot snd cold spikes, lost weight terribly, alot of bone pains, tired and a very poor appetite. Mum has been in remission from lymphoma since 2018. Unfortunately these doctors at state health here in South Africa refuse to investigate further due to her being 73 year old. I am worried because everyday is a new development. Today she is tired, has loose stools and tummy pain and the latest before bed was " I am nauseous "

Really I do not know what to make of this. If I know what's going on or how much time I have then I would be able to move forward with a plan. Can someone please assist me regarding the damage to the liver and the platelets. Pls help me understand why this is a common problem.

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    Very sorry to hear this. There is always the possibility of a relapse, and these symptoms can be consistent with a relapse. If she is not currently on a medication which suppresses her marrow, it would appear that something is limiting her marrow's production of platelets (or something is killing the platelets after they are produced). Normal platelet count for females at age 70+ is about 250,000. She may have a case of thrombocytopenia, in which platelets are consistently low. This can be due to medication or to a possible autoimmune condition in which her own immune system is attacking the platelets. However, in combination with the other symptoms, the cause may point elsewhere.

    Whatever you can do to get tests performed may be crucial. you might even contact your representative politician if doctors do not want to perform tests. 72 is not all that old, especially for a woman.