Endometrial cancer

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I am 25 year old and I got diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Me and my husband were planning to have a baby but this is what we found out on Jan.16 2023. They did start doing test since Aug. 2022. Now, am taking Megestrol 160mg daily. Doc said they might will remove everything and you won’t able to have baby , only think you can do is to get your eggs freez. I don’t have any kid right now. And it’s killing me inside every day. I also dreamt of having kids, baby shower and all those beautiful phase of life that every mom does. This journey is not so easy, I am not that strong. I feel low everyday, I don’t know what to do now.


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    karam, try to take a breath. I am not sure where you live but I would suggest asking to speak with the office and be referred to a fertility specialist. There are many types of endometrial cancer so depending on what type you have could mean there are possibilities of preservation.

    While any of this journey is not easy, maybe start by asking for a couselor to discuss this with, or if you work for a company that offers EAP (Employee Assistance Program) it would be an excellent place to start. EAP is for every aspect of our lives.

    Hugs and if there is any other information you can provide us I think you will find a generous group of people here to support you.

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    Thank you for responding, it means a lot right now. I really appreciate that someone took time to read it. I am living in Canada ON currently, I don't have any job to do. I stay home and search for new things about cancer. I have an appointment with gyno oncologist day after tomorrow, Hoping to get something good because am not ready to get everything remove out of my body. I dont know why but my stupid soul still waiting for a merical to happen. Somehow, know its not gonna happen........................

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    I am glad you are going to see a gynecologic oncologist. They really are the specialist to be working with here. Go in with a list of questions. Below is a link to a brochure that may help with the specific fertility questions you may have. Please remember, cancer is not a death sentence and there are lots of options. The decision to do things is always yours but getting the most information is what you need there.


    Just a tip: be careful of Dr Google. There is old information out there and anyone can quickly go down a bad rabbit hole. Please let us know how it goes.

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    Karan, my heart breaks for you.. I can’t add anything to what No Time said but her advice is good.

    how did your appointment go?