Mom newly diagnosed

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Good Afternoon

Hello Everyone Hope all is well! Thank you in advance for your support.

My mom will be undergoing a surgical biopsy for ADH bordering DCIS and will need radiation afterwards.

We received the news a week ago and we are trying to process it all.

I am reading, researching and feeling overwhelmed.

When the doctors ask “do you have any questions” I feel lost. The obvious questions come to mind about the procedure and prep for it but what other questions should I have……Sometimes it’s the questions you should ask but don’t know to ask hinder you and feeling overwhelmed, you may forget to ask.

Mom has those quite moments and it’s hard trying to figure out what to do in these moments.

Thanks for reading and the support.



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    Good morning.

    In the beginning it does seem very overwhelming and a lot to process and you will feel like you have to know everything right away and will spend so many hours researching. Just take a breath and relax a little. The good news is that mom will get a care team and it's okay to ask questions as you guys go along. My mom and I keep note pads around and always jot down questions and concerns we think of or have and then we get together and shoot a message or a call the oncologist.

    I did find that the America. cancer Society does help with articles and you can trust the legitamatcy of their sites.

    Best of luck to you and well wishes to mom