Vacmedix-A New Platform to Make Cancer and Viral Vaccines

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Hello fellow CSN'ers, hoping you are all having the best day possible. I came across this article in my travels and thought it might interest some here on CSN H&N. it appears to be another group and this one I believe is in Britain, that is developing cancer vaccines and working on making immunotherapy better. You folks will have to check it out, there is a lot I don't understand about it and I know there are much more learned people on here than me.

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Oxford Vacmedix Ltd.: harnessing the power of immunotherapy to treat and monitor cancer

A new platform built around recombinant overlapping peptides (ROPs) promises quicker and cheaper production of more effective therapeutic vaccines and diagnostics for cancer and viral infections.

"Oxford Vacmedix is currently developing two therapeutic vaccines. OVM-100 is a first-in-class human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine aimed at cervical cancer, with an estimated market size of over £1 billion. OVM-200 is a first-in-class cancer vaccine that targets survivin, a protein that is expressed at high levels in many solid tumors, such as breast, lung, ovarian, and colorectal, as well as blood cancers—a huge potential market.

What is an ROP? It's a chimera made up from different antigens connected in one chain. Antigen-presenting cells engulf them and process and display each antigen separately to the T cells.

The OVM-100 targeting HPV and OVM-200 targeting Survivin are 2 vaccines that are in clinical trials.