Chemotherapy/ Immunotherapy Question

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What to expect? This will be my first day. Any pointers on getting through it? I heard it makes you sick.


  • Hstrout
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    hope it went ok

    I am on Keytruda for treatment, 52 every 3 weeks. I feel like I have the flu all the time.

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    Hey I hpe you are managing ok. Speak up to your treatment team about any side effects. I was rarely sick. Don't ignore constipation; ask what to do about it and keep things moving! :) The anti-nausea meds and such were so helpful to me. Also lots of water, lots of rest, lots of grace and patience.You can do this!

  • Hstrout
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    Thank you for the comments. Actually, I have been having some constipation, I will mention this at my next appointment. My scans are still ok, my biggest problem has been weight gain. Ofcourse steroids being the go too for lung infections has not helped. One day at a time.

  • JohnDsouza
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    It's normal to have worries and inquiries after starting chemotherapy. Here are some broad guidelines to assist you get through your first day of chemotherapy and what you can normally anticipate from it. You'll probably be given medication throughout your session either orally or through an IV. The procedure could take many hours, so it's a good idea to bring some entertainment in the form of literature, music, or a tablet. Drink plenty of water both before and after the workout to help reduce any negative effects.

    Consider bringing a friend or relative for support and dress comfortably. Any worries or adverse effects you experience should be discussed freely with your medical staff. They can offer direction and encouragement during your treatment. Keep your patience in mind