Bilobectomy "Right upper & middle lobe removal ".

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Spotted nodule in my right lower lobe on my ct scan of my abdomen. Doctor's wanted to wait so I went back later seen it was bigger. Originally was supposed to get lower lobe removed " Lobectomy ". Turned into " Bilobectomy " removed top lobe as well after making a bigger cut across my back because the tumor's was a lot larger than expected. Chemo and Immunotherapy starts today (3/9/2023) for nodules on left side "never tested". I've ran out of meds twice. When I called my doctor this last time his PA called and told me she was not refilling my scripts cause I should not be in pain anymore. I have tightening and pain when I walk on the right side of my chest. Like it feels like my chest is being squeezed and pulled apart. Pain in the middle of my back I guess from epidural. Back burns from where staples use to be under the arm and part of back. Chest and rib area kinda numb on the outside but occasionally feels like my nipple is on fire. I came here for help on recovery. I cry a lot from being in pain. Can't eat like I use to cause a few spoon fulls feels like too much and comes right back out with horrid bowl pain. Is this pain life long? Did I make the right decision? They didn't tell me this pain would be this bad for this long or that I would have to deal with it alone. I have babies. I have gbabies I can't hold more than 3 seconds. 


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    I'm sorry you are dealing with such pain! Everyone's cancer is different. I was told same thing, that they would not refill pain med after second refill. I don't really have pain but more numbness of my entire front right side. I used to have stabbing pains at incisions and then at where I suspect the staples were/are in closing up the lobe attached to the lobe removed. The pain does subside with time as the nerves calm down. (I'm at 3 months now)

    I think it's common for doctors to refuse narcotic meds due to recent news on addiction. I disagree with this for people with this type of surgery. I did find that ibuprophen 800 mg helps but it is not the same and is risky on the liver.

    Hang in there!