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I had just undergone a Radical Prostatectomy on February 7th. Right at a month in, this is frustrating, but yet I am alive with a long road ahead.


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    The general consensus here is that the RALP isn't the problem, the catheter is.

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    Yes it was, they removed mine a week after surgery. Now it's a training process of my muscles to prevent/ reduce leakage. Some days it goes good. Then other days it's open floodgates. Then there's an oder.

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    Keep up your spirits as you start your rehab. After my Ralp I started with heavy leakage Depends and then moved to a light pad several months after that. Start doing your Kegal exercises every day and taking some form of Viagra to get the healing blood flowing. In my case it took several months of slow progress to get to the light pad. A deodorant like Lumi placed on your private parts areas can help with the odor. Just remember you went through big deal trauma to your private parts, it might take months to notice improvements as it was in my case. Due to what they had to do to remove your Prostate there is no set time frame to reach certain milestones for recovery. Everyone heals at a different rate, some faster, some slower.

    Good luck

    Dave 3+4

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    Thank you so much for the encouragement and help. I do have to see the Dr. tomorrow morning to make sure there not an infection.

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    I had my RP in March 2018. I had done kegels prior to surgery and was given sildenafil (viagra) to, as the surgeon said, to fertilize the area prior to the surgery. I am pretty sure they remove the internal urinary sphincter. So we are left with an external one. If memory serves me correctly it took around 4 to 6 months for the incontinence to completely stop. The ED part was never really a problem and still is not. On another note, my PSA is pretty much undetectable. I also thought when is the peeing without control going to stop. I never let this slow me down. And it did stop. So give your body time to heal. Best of luck on your journey.

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    Well, since my last post, I did go back to the doctor. I ended up with a bladder infection. antibiotics took care of that. I had my first round PSA test and follow-up visit. The test came back undetectable, Thank you, Jesus. Yes, this is a start. Still having trouble with the leakage but will start Therapy in a couple of weeks. The doctor wants to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly. Y'all have been a blessing in my journey. I hope to also help those going through this same this

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    Like Lighterwood, at about the three month point I started seeing major improvement with my continence, from four to six months it improved steadily until it was no longer a problem. Be patient and follow the program and you will be fine.


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    Do the exercises. Continent a week after catheter removal here.

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    I had RP in 2015, including seminal vesicles. I was down to just pad after about a week or two following cath removal, and probably used a liner for a year or so, just for safety. Today, my continence is BETTER than prior to surgery, since BPH was causing bladder control issues anyway.....

    Regarding potency, I used TRIMIX injections for sex after around one month post-surgery. It works, but did not have a very natural feel. Then, Cialis for about two years. Today, I have no ED and use no Cialis.

    My case is not like some, but is pretty common today, for men whose RP involved NERVE Sparing. Your surgeon will tell you if he was able to spare the erectile nerves or not.

    In short, recovery can take a little while or a long time, but most men in most situations eventually become continent again, and many if not most regain potency, or some variant thereof. I have had undetectable PSA tests annually since the surgery, and that is the best success of all,


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    Things have gotten a lot better, but I do have to go to therapy with PFS. The number of pads is down to roughly 2 a day. My therapist said that with every man it's different. I am alive breathing. In due season things will get better.

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    Now 7 weeks out, and continence has been 0 issue, thank God, exercises, and good surgery technique.

    Now the ED challenge...started on Cialis a week ago. The little guy (they cut off over an inch as you may know...didn't have much to spare LOL) hasn't responded much at all, though there is a bit of a twitch. Tried self-stimulation with very limited results. Patience is a virtue, but sure would like to see something more...

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    Yes, it will take time...

    Many who have undergone surgery report significant improvement with respect to ED after a year or so.