Pet scan results

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Can some please help me understand my husbands pet scan?


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    I am not a physician but my humble opinion is that your husbands PET looks pretty good. Definitely some room for further investigation but not alarming. Please be aware that a PET scan is not a diagnostic test - it is a screening test. I would suggest you get an in person face to face meeting with his care team to discuss this. It is not wise to rely on the internet for answers.

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    Hi disneyaddict83,

    Is your husband post-chemotherapy? I think that's what it says under Indications. After that, each item just says the radiotracer was distributed in that area. There's no mention of any malignancy. It appears to say he is cancer free, but I don't know about the Hematologic malignancy part. All lymphomas are cancers of the blood, so finding no enlarged lymph nodes and no tumors would seem to indicate that there's no cancer in the blood. Isn't his doctor going over the results with you?

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    Just a comment here. I had a CT scan result read by a second radiologist without him/her seeing the first report. The difference was quite alarming. I am looking forward to when an AI computer program does the initial assessment of a scan before it is sent to the radiologist. Results should be more consistent then. The cancer society recommends that you get all your scans done at the same lab and reviewed by the same radiologist. I have found that all but impossible to do. Many radiologists work from home on standard resolution consumer grade computers like you would buy at Walmart. At the places I have used the scan results go into a pool where “freelance” radiologists access them 1st come 1st served. I tried getting the same Dr. to read all my scans but was literally chuckled at. It is a business and the money comes first. Just my opinion based on my experience. Not trying to convince anyone, just saying what I experienced in my areas of treatment.

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    Agreed. No chance to get same radiologist to read all of your scans. Scan reviews are going to be farmed out to independent radiologists into a pooled system to minimize costs and maximize throughput.

    Anyway, I have learned the hard way that my oncologist's interpretation of the scan is the only thing that matters in terms of treatment strategy. I had Deauville Score 5's on scans and my doc has said "see you in six months."