42yr old sister diagnosed with Glioma

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My sister was diagnosed with a glioma a few weeks ago. She had brain surgery within 2 days and all was removed. Her prognosis, as you know, is 12-18 months.

I am up and I am down. Life is more precious than it even was before. I can’t fix this for her. I am so sad I burst out crying without even knowing I was going to…. I can handle my grief… but am feeling so sorry for my sister. So sad she has to face this and be worried on a daily basis about the inevitable. I am someone who thinks positively and I know she can beat the odds. But I am so sad. Does anyone have experience helping a close family member through this… how do I start?


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    Hello, I’m so sorry for your sisters diagnosis.

    I have a relative that was diagnosed at 35 w/2 kids under 4.

    it hasn’t been easy, but she’s still with us and doing ok 4.5 yrs later.

    It’s a cliche, but finding her new purpose and trying to enjoy the beauty in every day is important.

    Shes lucky to have you for support. Just being there for her and encouraging her little victories, as well as helping her find joy is important.

    best of luck to both of you-

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    I appreciate your words so much. I’m so glad your family is still here and well. I find myself scouring for hope.