How to live through remission without being afraid all the time?

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Hi I am not to sure how to start this of but I guess here goes nothing. First off I am 25 currently and was 21 when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on my right ovary. They found a 25 pound tumor in my abdomen attached to the ovary. I am currently in remission but I do carry a gene mutation for being predisposed to breast and ovarian cancer. It is always lingering in the back of my mind everyday that it could come back and be much worse. An if I am being honest it makes it difficult to go out and enjoy doing things. I don't know if it sounds selfish or overthinking to much. I guess I am just wondering how do you live life in remission without so much worry?


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    Gerig04 - I think you started the topic off fine! You are not being selfish at all. It makes complete sense that you carry these thoughts with you. I think if you find someone to talk to who can help you navigate the journey they call 'survivorship' it might help, but I will tell you this (as a visitor from the Uterine page) the longer the time the easier it gets. I didn't say you forget it, it always will pop up every now and then, but the further you get away from it helps.

    Again, please find someone to talk to. You deserve to enjoy your life dear one.