3.2cm Kidney Tumour

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Hi, I'm a 29 year old male. For the past few months I have been getting pain in my stomach but especially my side and back. I was also struggling to urinate so went to doctors who done a urine test and gave me cocodomol/tramadol for the pain. My urine test came back normal he said so he referred me for an ultrasound for possible kidney stones. I had my ultrasound 4 weeks ago and the day after I got a call from my doctor to say they found a 3.2cm lesion/tumour on the upper pole of my left kidney and I would need a CT scan/biopsy to determine what it was and if it was the dreaded cancer. I had my CT scan a week ago and I am now waiting for results. The past 4 weeks have been the worst time of my life as I have a 6 month old baby boy and only got married recently. I took a few days off work at first but then returned to take my mind off it but find myself making silly mistakes at work now. I find it impossible to not worry as much as everyone tells me do so. My only symptoms are pain in kidney area and also stomach and back. Dizziness and a feeling of jelly legs. And urinating a lot more but sometimes difficult.


I was wondering has anyone else felt the same as myself and also has there bloods been okay but still had cancer?

Also if you have been unfortunate to have cancer, what happened next in terms of treatment and how did you get on?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can share some help or information.




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    I'm not sure why you're having so much pain and other symptoms - yours is exactly where mine was but mine was 7 cm, and I had no symptoms at all. Even at that size, mine was still a stage 1 cancer, so all it took was surgery and one night in the hospital. As one of my other doctors, who had been on a urological surgery rotation in medical school, told me, a total nephrectomy is the same operation they do for kidney donors. Do you watch American Ninja Warrior? One of the current top athletes in that has one kidney because he donated the other one. The word "cancer" can be scary, but most kidney cancers are much less awful than other kinds, with just follow-up scans and no treatment besides surgery. I'm a lot older than you (I had my kidney out when I was 68), but I've had other kinds of cancers, too, and I'm still here enjoying life. And yours is small enough that you might just have a partial nephrectomy, so you'd still have part of that kidney. Good luck!

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    Hey JJ.

    Good luck. I was a mess between my diagnosis and the surgery (about 3.5 weeks between). My work was definitely suffered (my boss was really patient with me). I was urinating constantly before my surgery (much less after). I had a fair amount of pain prior to the surgery as well - I had a big stone and a tumor kicking around in my left kidney.

    My bloodwork was great btw prior to the bleeding in the urine and the pain. I'm feeling really good now (about two months post surgery) save for getting tired a lot...you've got this man. Stay positive and give yourself room to make mistakes...Cancer is a lot.

    I was diagnosed with Stage 2, after the Nephrectomy they reclassified it to Stage 1 - and I don't have any other follow ups other than scans. I do have to have a stone blasted out of my remaining kidney and I'm not thrilled about that, but whatever...

    Good luck man.

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    I think you will have much success due to size of tumor and your age, especially if you were in good medical condition prior to this. I had a tumor that was passed 12 cm so they had to remove the whole kidney. I had to go to UCLA and I had no symptoms until the blood came through my urine. I’m so sorry you’re going through this I know how scary this can be but it’s not as scary anymore. Immune therapy has changed cancer and it’s no longer what it used to be. hopefully you’ve already received your diagnosis and have plans for treatment or operation. Wishing you much health!

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    I am not sure if it will help but mine was 3.5 cm and that was a year and a half ago...I am doing great! Mine was growing mid pole and so I lost my entire kidney but that has really been the worst of it. I was stage 1 and grade 1. I see my doc for follow up every 6 mo and the chance of recurrence is very low with mine. I would say try and relax but really I couldn't at all, so I will say just get through it and you can look at it from the other side like a lot of us here.

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    Sorry to hear this news. I had a 2.6 cm on the upper pole of the left kidney. I had robotic partial nephrectomy. Spent one night in the hospital and was discharged on Tylenol. The surgery was not fun, but also not as bad as I had feared. I did not have any symptoms and the mass was discovered incidentally, so I can't comment about the pain you have experienced. I hope that your treatment goes well. Good luck.

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    JJ, I'm sorry to hear you're going through this at 29! Way to young. I have a bit of advice that you hopefully don't need. I was diagnosed with Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma about 15 months ago. It hit me fast, at 42 I went from being a competitive climbing tree trimmer to being on the maximum dose of Oxycodone in bed in about 30 days. At the time of diagnosis I had a 15cm tumor on my left kidney and multiple smaller tumors on my lungs and lymph nodes. I was immediately put on Cabometyx and Opdivo and they far they have definitely given me additional life!

    I tell you this to let you know that modern medicine is quite powerful and miraculous! HOWEVER, if I were in your position I'd be very hesitant to take any chemotherapy or immunotherapy until you have exhausted all other options. I had to take it to live, but the therapies change you and at 29 you have a lot of life ahead of you. Avoiding the miracle pills could greatly improve your quality of life in the long run, so be easy on yourself (I'd say the diagnosis is surprisingly hard to mentally navigate), look into: your spirit, your body, mind, your diet and your stress. Look for a cure, not a treatment. Lastly, feel free to shoot the breeze, co-miserate, or share your successes anytime.

    Godspeed, Healing and Peace to you >>

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    Hi, sorry about this news. I wonder if you have had your surgery yet and how are you doing? We are here for you.

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    Hi JJ

    I was accidentally diagnosed with a mass of 3.2 cm in Nov 2022. I was operated on (Partial Nephro) in early Jan and now I am back to everyday life. That it was cancerous, was post facto, confirmed. Any hospital visit isn't fun, but this too shall pass. Let your mind not drive past the headlights; Kidney cancer is common and 95% of us go back to our usual life, very soon.

    I wish you the best and request you to take it easy !!


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    Hey james

    I’m a 55 year old male and was just recently diagnosed with stage 2 grade 4 carcinoma with an 11mm tumor. Had the right kidney removed already and starting on Keytruda next week. Long before I knew I had cancer, I experienced a bunch of metabolic issues like anemia, weight loss (lost 40 pounds in less than six months due to lake of appetite). No energy, pain in the flank, dizziness on standing, and became somewhat physically frail. Using some marijuana to help with sleep and appetite. It isn’t the best situation to be in but definitely isn’t the worst that life has to offer. Many more options and good outcomes than the past. I still have 3 minor children my wife and I are raising. I plan on being around for a long time and so should you man. Head up and good luck. Warriors use fear to their advantage. 🙂