I am 72 and have terrible vaginal dryness

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I have tried just about everything I can find without much success. I thought Replens worked the best but my husband is telling me it burns his mouth during oral sex. He says the burn is similar to drinking coffee when its to hot and you burn your tongue. Has anyone else heard of this? If i don't use anything to help the vaginal wall (We do use lubricant every time) then it hurts and burns. Not sure if its the dryness and the penis rubbing that causes the pain and burning. Does anyone have any advice. We have sex once a week. I am 13 years cancer free from Uterine serous carcinoma. I no longer see my oncologist and my Obgyn has retired.


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    Good morning. So nice to hear you are 13 years cancer free. I was wondering about edible oils for a lubricant. Online it says you can use olive oil, and mineral oil is edible and tasteless. They might be an option.

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    Coconut oil avocado oil, etc. Have you spoken to your gynecologist regarding topical estrogen cream?

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    If you have had a hysterectomy and a BSO, (removing ovaries and tubes) you have almost no way to produce enough estrogen to do the job. I have been using estradiol for 18 months and it has taken away all of the burning and pain during pelvic exams. Since you had serous cancer, you should be able to use this product. If you had any endometrioid cells which are estrogen dependent, you won't be able to use it. Hopefully any PCP should be able to determine if you are able to use this cream. It is prescribed as a twice a week application, not to be used as a lube. It is also very expensive, but I was able to get it without my drug plan for about $30 a month at Costco, otherwise it was $200 plus!

    Good luck to you.

    Also a very good summary about it from the Cleveland Clinic.


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    Congratulations on 13 years of being cancer free! We like to use Geneve and I have friends that like Intimate Rose. I am totally sympathetic to your issue. For us, we use Geneve on his penis after oral sex. That seems to work the best for us.

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    Congrats! I use a lube called Slippery Stuff for my dilator and also use a product called V-Magic both of which I order on Amazon that have worked for my dryness especially for pelvic exams.

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    Revaree. You can get it on Amazon. It works.