Does this sound cancerous?

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My husband recently had his yearly CT scan due to having COPD.

The report says: Lung parachyma & airways:

1.5 x 0.8 cm left upper lobe solid nodule (series 4 image 47), new from prior CT. 4 mm right upper lobe solid nodule (series 4 image 33), new from prior CT. Interval development of bilateral subpleural reticular opacities with traction bronchiectasis, suggestive of pulmonary fibrosis.

My husband is a 50 year heavy cigarrette smoker which led to his COPD and has been smoking medical marijuana for several years.

He is scheduled for a PET/CT scan now. I can't get any clear info from doctors if this is to rule out or diagnose and stage cancer.

If anyone could share their experience I'd appreciate it as I'm very concerned.

He has had stomach upsets for the past year, but his GI did several tests and said he couldn't find any reason for his 50 lb weight loss this past year. His PCP was equally confused bc his bloodwork was within range.

Thank you.