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I'm considering an AUS after 5 years post RALP incontinence. A surgeon in my area (Raleigh) that does them scheduled me for a cystoscopy before he'd even talk to me about the AUS surgery. Is this normal? Actually, I'm more concerned about the cysto than the AUS at this point. Thanks.


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    A Cystoscopy is totally normal, prior to the implant of an AUS. I know what is going through your mind (as it did to me, as well). I can tell you that it is nothing to worry or be concerned about, as I've had a number of them. A numbing gel is applied to the entrance to the penis, and you do not feel anything, as the procedure begins, and throughout the procedure.

    The Doctor may also invite you to watch the procedure and what is being 'looked' at on a TV screen from the camera inside your urethra and bladder. I did not want to watch the first time, but I did watch on subsequent procedures.

    Again, a total nothing burger.

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    Thank you. I think I may follow your experience. I have no desire to watch.

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    To echo what Joseph said, more conceptually upsetting than an actual problem. I’ve had several and they are really no big deal.


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    Well, I had a cystoscopy before I had my RP. I watched the procedure when he got inside my bladder. While there he wanted me to kegel and you could see the bladder flex for lack of a better word. I would have to say putting a camera in my penis, up the urethra, into the bladder was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I am sure the surgeon was looking for anything that might cause him an issue when he did the RP. But I made it through it. Good luck on your journey.

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    I had a cystoscopy a long time ago as I kept having CTI's I was under for the procedure they did remove a stricture which has I know they would do I would not of approved of as that can cause scaring. I think they saw it as an opportunity to try it out. Probably their first time as well...

    The funny part was afterwards apart from the blood was odd experience of farting out of ureathra kinda loud too.

    Good luck with whatever you decide