Caregiver Reprieve

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Hello everyone,

My father (74) had a brain tumor removed September 2022 and pathology determined he had Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4, started chemo and radiation treatment November thru December 2022. When he started the chemo/radiation, he was also fitted with an Optune device that he wears 90% of the time. He is now in maintenance of 5 days of chemo every month and continues to wear the Optune device, changing the arrays every 3 days approx. He's doing well right now, but still requires quite a bit of management as brain fog, exhaustion, confusion are all everyday issues.

My question is, my mom (70) has been caregiver for him through all of this. She does so willingly and lovingly. But I know she's exhausted. I have a sister who lives right by and has been helping as much as she can while running her own business with her husband and dealing with college age kids. I live 2 hours away and have scheduled to visit every 3-4 weeks so that we can work on small projects, etc. My sister and I would love to provide my mom with a substantial break (one or two days overnight, away), but we would like ideas on what a caregiver would even enjoy?

I know this is a very personal thing, so what one person feels is relaxing may not work for someone else, but I would love ideas that other caregivers could provide on what they either DID do that helped them regenerate or that they WISHED they had done that would have helped. We would love feedback on considerations we may need to make regarding providing this break... what should we be thinking of and mitigating to ensure she enjoys the break? I plan to take time off to accomplish this and stay with my dad so my mom can enjoy this time, but we don't want to plan something that causes MORE stress...

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!