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I am a sister , aunt and nurse to my brother with recurrence of glioblastoma and his 28 year old daughter with neuro sarcoma with Mets. I tend to be pessimistic when they are so optimistic. I try so hard to remain positive for the future, but the nurse in me jumps to conclusions. Any help groups or suggestions are appreciated for me so I can be the strong and stable person through all of this which has been devastating to myself and the family .


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    I appreciate the CSN chatroom with this website. The folks in the chatroom really understand these battles we are facing. I have a tiny bit of understanding in having taken care of two people with stage IV cancer at once, but what you're experiencing is much more intense considering the life stages of your family members. They are so lucky to have you as a caregiver for so many reasons. I also appreciate utilizing virtual counseling. I haven't yet investigated the virtual support groups offered by our cancer center, but may also start engaging with those.

    I will be sending you and your family my best wishes.