Update on husband almost 6 years stage 4

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. My husband was diagnosed in 2017 at 37 with stage 4. Many surgeries, an ostomy, too many chemos to count and radiation he is still here fighting and enjoying life! In between the 8 reoccurrence we’ve lived and enjoyed so much! Most recently he had 12 liver Mets removed, bile duct resection and reconstruction and 3 lymph nodes in the portacaval areas removed back in October 2022. This surgery was over 20 hours and had to occur over two days. He was on the vent in between surgery days and a few days after the surgery. Currently on chemo after some post op complications with no visible cancer at this time. Keep living and fighting!


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    This is so encouraging. My Husband was just diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and he starts chemo on Monday. My biggest concern is that our oncologist is not advocating for surgery at any point even though my husband is very fit and in good health other than the cancer. It seems like chemo plus surgery is the best chance for long term survival.

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    Thanks for checking in, Pam. Yours is another story that needs to be heard. Your hubby's hard fight to keep cancer at bay, while still finding QOLand good moments, along the way, certainly inspires everyone here, but maybe most important, those reading and fence-sitting as to how far they want to go, in battling their cancer. May it continue NED, forever............................Dave

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    This gives me so much hope for my husband who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV. We are looking for a hospital that is more progressive and who will not shy away from surgery to prolong life--his current oncologist is only interested in palliative chemo. Any advice or suggestions appreciated. Keep on keeping on...I love that he is fighting and enjoying life!

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    hello - I was recently diagnosed with stage iv as well. (Dec 11, 2022) started chemo 3 weeks later and only surgery was to remove tumor in colon as it was causing blockage. I am 47, in good shape and otherwise good health. I’ve been told the same thing (palliative only) I don’t understand why surgery seems to be an option for recurring cancer but not for when a person is still healthy enough for a good recovery. I’ve gotten second opinion from Mayo Clinic and they said the same.

    I’d be happy to hear if you find a better answer. And until then, yes keep on keeping on!

    Blessings to you and your family :)

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    I’m so sorry to hear. We are going to get a second opinion. Having spoken with others on this forum who have been on this journey, there are doctors out there who may do surgery when done will not. Keep fighting the good fight and keep us updated. Blessings to you as well.

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    Your story gives me so much hope for my husband. He has been diagnosed with stage iv metastatic colon cancer. Due to his brain swelling, surgeon is recommending surgery to remove the mass but has not discussed additional surgery for his other masses in the body. We are in the process of seeking a second opinion. Looking for any and all support.

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    Thanks for your story. This gives me hope also. My husband was also diagnosed stage 4 metastatic colon cancer 1 year ago at age 37. Only palliatve chemo was offered. We are also looking for 2nd opinion to remove his other mass. He also has an ostmy bag due to 1st mass in colon blockage. Latly he has been offered radiation for single met in liver and lung so we will procede with this also. Thanks for your story!!

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    Hi pancakes. Thanks for the update on hubby. I wish I had seen it earlier and replied.

    What a fighter he is. I am so glad that you are finding time to enjoy life, in-between all of his dealings with surgeries and treatments.

    Keep us posted.


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    Thank you for posting this. I am just under one year out from diag. I had surgery on my colon and liver, just found out the cancer is back in my liver again and waiting on the dr. to see if I can have a second surgery.

    All the other posts, I had the same experience, my Oncologist said no surgery, only palliative care. luckily it is a multi-disciplinary hospital that reviews all cases with the team of doctors. The surgeons said yes, first the colon resection, then chemo, then liver resection and more chemo. Oncologists always say palliative care, ask for a surgical consult. Surgery may be not possible based on tumor location, but my surgeon said they are open to a lot more cases than they used to only a few years ago.

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    Autocorrect does not recognize PAM cakes, so it changed it without me noticing. Sorry about that, Pam.

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    Same here! My son was diagnosed with stage 4 and did have colon surgery but only because he had to, they didn't want to do it. Now he is on palliative chemo taking Xeloda and Avastin. They have said surgery for his liver mets will most likely never happen and I refuse to believe that. He gets treatment at Houston methodist but im trying to get him to MD Anderson.

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    We ended up at MSKCC for a second opinion, and they think surgery is warranted. My husband was moved from Xelox (which caused extreme gastrointestinal inflammation and distress) to Folfox with Avastin and has had virtually no side effects with it after an incredibly rough start with the Xeloda. MSKCC wants to see him again after three month scans to discuss further. They have given us renewed hope. My advice is to get a second opinion, or a third--at a major cancer center. Best of luck to your son on this journey. Please keep us updated.

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    That is the plan! The biggest issue we have is that his health insurance is just with Houston Methodist so basically unless he needs a procedure that they don't offer we have to go thru them.

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    Do you mind sharing doctor information? My husband was diagnosed stage IV in 2016. He’s had 3 surgeries, 4 types of chemo, Y90 and SBRT.

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    Thank you so much for posting updates, when my ex-husband was diagnosed 4 months ago my heart broke for him and for my daughters, because I really would like for them to have their dad around for many years more, and I know how much he loves life, it surprises me that you have endured years since the diagnosis and still talk about enjoying life, all I have seen so far is my ex husband in a lot of pain and weakness and discomfort not only because of the chemo but also pain and having to be in the bathroom every hour, how can I, (or we) help my ex-husband with this process? we do not live together, but I make sure I sent him fruit and veggies and help with errands and stuff, he is with his mom now, I make sure my kids call him everyday when they get back from school and visit him every week , but still I sense a lot of depression and sadness on him, I asked, and offered to pay a psychologist but he says he is ok... I am giving him the space he wants so right now I just try to help with practical stuff (groceries and errands) but his mental health is also important, and I know having to abruptly change his lifestyle has not been easy. I know there is not much else to do on my end but I really want him to be well. your updates on this tread gives me hope that my daughters will grow with their dad around and that he will learn to live with this diagnosis and rediscover what means to be happy again.

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