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I go in for my port removal iny dr office , he said its an easy procedure alot easier coming out then going in. Have any of you had it removed in the dr office?


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    I’m 13 mos post treatment and was wondering also about post removal. I’m not sure if I should have it removed or just keep it for a few years until I feel more confident that I won’t need it again. I love to hear what others have done.

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    I just joined and see this is a few months old, wonder how it went for you.

    I can only speak for the install of the port, and it was one of the most painful day after's I've had since I broke 6 ribs\ and a clavicle in a motorcycle accident years ago.

    Maybe because I'm a bit of a lightweight anyhow and no fat up there where they cut it in.

    I had to utilize oxycodone that they had prescribed, thankfully. But I hate the side effects of the opioids, so I only used them twice. It has been great for the chemo treatments, although it stings every time they first open it up for the iv cocktails..

    For my weekly bloodwork, I just have them use my arms; since I have pretty prominent veins, and they always get it first try.

    I am not looking forward to the port removal, even though it will signify the end of the treatments.

    Then again, it's a bit uncomfortable when I bump it, and unless I really need it later it's gone.

    If you anticipate a lot of regular scheduled bloodwork and don't like the arm stabs, I'd keep it if it's not bothering you.

    It would still need to be kept super clean, however.

    Good luck.🤗

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    I finished treatment for anal cancer Nov. 1. I go in this Friday and my surgeon will go in with a scope to check and make sure the cancer is gone and they are taken my port out at the same time. I will be under anesthesia. Putting in the port was uncomfortable but not crazy painful. Recovery for the radiation is taking longer.

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    Recovery from the radiation may well go on for years. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving! But not in a fun way. I have radiation proctitis which I probably will deal with for some time to come.

    The insertion of the port was not painful at all, but I’m reluctant to remove it as it makes drawing blood much easier. My veins are small and collapse easily. I’m just wondering what the down side of leaving it in if only for that purpose might be

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    I had my first port back in 2011 and kept it in for 3 years ( after treatment for anal cancer I was diagnosed with an unrelated breast cancer ) I had that port removed quick and easy in the doctor’s office. He numbed the area and though a little sore that evening nothing all that bad. It was a so much easier than I anticipated. A few years later I had a second port for a cancer recurrence and actually still have it. I’ve been planning to get it removed for a couple years now since at least as of today no active treatment. I do get it flushed every month usually in combination with a blood draw to check my INR (clotting level) because I’m on warfarin (a blood thinner)… now, I’ve been hesitant to get it out because I need to be off the blood thinner for 5 days and that scares me. I’m looking into my insurance coverage on Eliquis (a different thinner) that would only require being off a day or two.

    My port is no longer even good for scans because the new machines require a newer model port, yet it can still be useful for lab draws.

    My advice… get it out if you’ve had clear follow up scans for a time or two. You can get a new one if needed and removal is quite simple.

    Be well,