Glioblastoma Patient in Need of Temozolodine

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Hi everyone,

my father (96 years old) was diagnosed with Glioblastoma about three weeks ago. They cannot remove the tumors so the only option is radiation and chemo (Temozolodine/ temodal), which we are would slow the growth and increase survival. Aside from the physical and psychological pain that this has caused our family, the main problem we are dealing with is that while all our family live in the U.S., my father is currently living in Iran, and there is shortage of medicine especially Temozolodine/ temodal. We are also told those pills produced in Iran are not reliable. We also cannot purchase it here in the U.S. for him without prescription. I’m writing here to see if anyone has any suggestions. Also perhaps someone has extra medicine they no longer need? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.