Enlarged Thymus

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I just read comments from other people who had radiation to their enlarged thymus as an infant! I was born in 1944 and had an enlarged thymus which was supposed to shrink it! In 1980 I had been working as a Registered Nurse when my Mother called to tell me she saw that if you had radiation as an infant to have a scan done. She was told by the Doctor that I should not have any radiation until I was at least 13 years old! I never knew this until I was 30!! I spoke to my primary Physician who said I didn’t need to worry! In 2014 a scan showed nodules on my Thyroid but the Endocrinologist put me on Synthroid and yearly scans. But in 2019 I became very short of breath and a chest X-ray was ordered, then a cut scan with contrast! The first Oncologist said he didn’t think it was cancer! After a Pet scan that showed no spread I went to MD Anderson where the pulmonologist also said he didn’t think it was cancer! However the biopsy showed a different outcome! This was in 2020 and I have been receiving Chemotherapy and immunotherapy every 21 days since 2020! I am only receiving palliative care but am doing well for a 78 year old! I wanted to tell my story because we are our own best advocate!!