Cramping and Kinks

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I am 4 plus post and now I get these awful cramps in back of head, arms, thighs, feet, legs and back.My oncologist said this is another side affect. I talk to primary care and she said take magnesium but this didn't help much. She suggested vitamin B which I havent tried yet. Was wondering who else has these symptoms and if there is a remedy that you use to alleviate the cramping.


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    Each day I eat a banana in the morning to start my day along with my normal breakfast. If I have cold cereal the banana goes in the bowl. Bananas have potassium, magnesium and calcium so they help with cramps. Also, staying Hydrated helps, we should take in roughly 64 ozs of fluid each day. I am sure others will be along to make some suggestions as well.

    My Best to You and Everyone Here.