Ovarian Cancer Care Giver

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I hate to complain. I don't have cancer. I will live way too long. My wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer six years ago this month. 2022 was entirely about treating her third recurrence, started with an ablation of tumor on her liver, other tumor grew while arranging that surgery, got qualified for a promising clinical trial but her platelets were two low to continue after a couple months of research and qualifying and three months on a six month trial, then back to platinum chemo every month that puts her in bed sick for almost a week. I have to connect saline IV's to her three times after each chemo. I own two businesses that are sliding under the weight of the caregiver obligations and the exhaustion of positivity and hope.

I am at my desk about to cry and don't know why I am posting this.


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    I'm so sorry to hear about the weight of all of this on you. It's a lot. I think it's worth calling the cancer center where your wife receives chemotherapy. I would ask them for the social worker there to call you back, because they might have some resources they can help coordinate for you. Let them know what is going on for you. They might think you are able to keep your head above water, and may not know that you need more support.

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    Thank you for your kind words and understanding. My wife has chemo on the 30th and I will see if there is a resource that help put my pieces back together again.