At 25 should I feel stuck?

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I had a my kidney partially removed after finding a mass 2.4cm in December and ever since I’m lucky but I don’t feel it. Am I ungrateful? Should I feel like this is a gift that’s suppose to be life changing? Sorry just wanted to share. Hope all goes well with you all in this coming year.

God Bless



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    I think it’s natural to have the feelings you’re having. My lesion was 1.7cm, and I had a partial almost 7 years ago. I went through a little bit of depression for a while. But after that initial period of time, I was able to reflect that I was, indeed, very lucky. Lucky to have found it incidentally when something else was being checked. Lucky that what they were checking (a reason for blood in my urine) happened just the one time, never before and never after. Lucky that my insurance approved a referral to Stanford Hospital and Clinics, where I had a top notch urologic oncologist and surgeon. So a lot of things came together that allowed me to get this thing taken care of before it grew and spread.

    People like us are very lucky that scanning technology has vastly improved in the last decade, allowing for small growths like ours to be discovered so early. We’re also lucky that surgical and other treatments have made huge advancements during that period.

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    Noah dude, I agree with Bay Area Guy. You have just been through a major event physically for your body, emotionally and mentally for your mind and soul. I think it's natural to feel the way you do. Time will bring on more perspective and gratitude. Give yourself some grace. ❤️

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    Noah listen two these guys they got me thru my dx I was stage 3a and that was 3 years ago your doing fine enjoy your life have fun we only live so long you just as well enjoy all you got to do is keep up with your scans

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    Welcome Noah! There's no one "proper" way of reacting to what you've gone through. We dodged a bullet - everyone reacts differently. Some of us feel like it's a brand-new lease on life, some of us feel gloom, and many of us feel both. :)

    Just don't let your diagnosis sink you. And if you really feel like the feelings are getting in the way, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about them.

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    Hello Noah, my Neph was almost a yr and a half ago. I didn't feel lucky or anything else in the beginning. Mostly it was just the shock because everything happened so damn fast I didn't even have a chance to think about it, process it or anything else till it was over and done with. Now I feel fortunate and lucky and all that jazz, but it wasn't immediate and only came after I was able to mentally work through what had actually happened to me and what it meant.

    Hope this helps at least some : )