Constant mucous vomiting

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They found a mass in my husbands stomach and performed an IvorLewisEsophahectomy removing 2/3 of his stomach 11/8/22. thankfully benign. In hospital 30days due to reoccurring fluid pockets. He also had a stent placed in his esophagus due the reconnection site of the esophagus to stomach was leaking ! Finally discharged to home with me, I took all of December off to hang multiple rounds of IV meds due to fluid pockets He wasn’t tolerating the Jtubebfeed only at 20ml but was eating some soft foods so it was removed . He went in at 242# came home Dec 2 , 2022 at 216# We weren’t advised of any of these post op issues ! Made it sound easy peasy ! So constantly all day/night with a few breaks here and there he’s wretching up thick mucous/phlegm He’s tried zofran Prilosec Allegra and now carafate nothing is helping He’s now down to 193# in just over 2months ! I’ve seen people loosing weight like that over a long period of time but not 2months ????! Does/ has anyone else ever had the esophagus stent as well? Is this the cause of this wretching ? Does it sound like something else is wrong ???! Thanks so much Anita