Stem Cell Transplant

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Hi All. My husband was diagnosed in August 2022 with MM. After 5 sessions of velcade/Dex and Revlamid we are 2 weeks away from a stem cell transplant. They say he's a good candidate, but I am so scared he won't make it through. Has anyone had this done, know someone who has gone through this? 😕 It's been a tough time and this next stage of his treatment is making me more anxious then the last.


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    My mom was diagnosed (MM) in 2000 and had an autologous stem cell transplant. She passed last week of a lung infection and other complications unrelated to cancer. She beat it and I’m so grateful she chose to fight. Wishing you the best.

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    Thank you! It’s day 39 and so far the worst has been his hair loss ☺️I’m hoping to get as many years as you got with your mom. ❤️

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    I am 6 weeks away from my stem cell transplant. I feel scared, mostly because of the unknown. We had a long conversation with my transplant nurse, which helped but my mind at ease. I have also been reading a book "Autologous Stem Cell Transplant" by Susan Stewart which has some very useful information.

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    I'm at day 51 and feeling great. My transplant went well and I only spent two weeks in the hospital. It's a challenge going through this but if your transplant team is supportive then that goes a far way in alleviating your anxiety. Keep strong, you will be fine.