Clear scans other than the typical residual inflammation.

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I have been so busy trying to reclaim some sense of my life that I haven't had time to post for a while. Dec 12 scans looked good for now, no mets! The tiny nodule in my lung remains unchanged and unremarkable. There are no other areas of activity lighting up. I have a greatly diminished activity in the area of known mass. Likely residual inflammation from radiation. Scope and DRE with surgeon on Dec 15th confirmed. He said everything looks terrific back there!

Now I enter the follow up apt stage, Apt with oncologist this Friday, next month F.U. with Rad, then in March back surgeon. I am grateful to have to drive to the hospital less, but I also feel like I am missing that part of my life now after it being such a huge part of everyday. I loved pretty much all of my team but the dietician. I was always cared for and greeted warmly by everyone. I know I was so lucky to have a great team. Is it weird that I miss them??? yet I don't want to ever NEED to see them again? Has anyone ever asked to connect with members of the team outside of treatments? Is it out of scope for them to do so?? I do still email my nurse navigator and the hosp soc worker on occasion, but they extended that option to me and assure me it is ok to continue to "check in with updates"

The truth is being a patient was lonely, even with support from family and friends. Having a place to be every day made it seem a bit more like normalcy. I'm trying to work part-time again as my body still needs so much rest, but I can't forsee going back to my former position full time either.

Maybe I'm waiting for divine intervention to shine a light on the correct path for me, but I am hoping to inquire about creating a wellness coaching position at one of the departments at that hospital as I will graduate and be a certified wellness coach on Feb 28th,2023. Has anyone else found they wanted to give back this way? Is there a waiting period to work with other patients, would it be too emotional? Can you be a patient and an employee at the same facility?

So much change, but I am choosing to gather the good bits from this journey and make the most of it!