Has anyone had eye pressure issues, post-tx?

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Strangest thing, but over the course of the past 8 months the pressure behind my left eye, only, has been high. Now knowing that Rads damage blood vessels and takes years to manifest symptoms, and my getting 56Gys above the chin, I cannot help but wonder-especially since I got photon Rads from an older machine back in 2009.

28 was the pressure when they first caught it, then 26 the next time, but this past week was up to 33. 21 is the red flag #, and my right eye is fine at 17.

On a number of meds, and glaucoma runs in the family, but to only hit one eye?

Any response with info would be welcome.


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    Hi Logan. I have had increased eye pressure for at least 30-35 years and it was always controlled with eye drops. I saw no increase in eye after radiation but I had throat cancer and lymph cancer so all my radiation was lower than yours. Logan if you do a search of "will radiation increase eye pressure" you get quite a few results and the answer seems to be "yes" radiation therapy can affect the eyes. I will post several links below. Also I have found reading some of this that some chemo drugs can affect the eyes.

    Logan-Wishing You the Best

    Take care, God Bless-Russ

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    Thanks Russ. I got off my keyster and did some research of my own and found the MD Dr.'s post, and several others.

    Non-proliferative retinopathy

    "Non-proliferative retinopathy is often caused by direct damage or remodeling of the small blood vessels supplying the retina. Many common causes of non-proliferative damage include...radiation retinopathy. There are three main mechanisms of damage in non-proliferative retinopathy: blood vessel damage or remodeling, direct retinal damage, or occlusion of the blood vessels."   

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    Thanks for your question. It’s difficult to be certain about your condition without examining you, but the symptoms you describe could be caused by a number of different things. I’ll try to guess, but if you’d like a second opinion, please consult a different doctor. Anything that damages the blood vessels, including blepharoplasty, will lead to high eye pressure. Something as simple as rubbing your eyes can cause injury that leads to high pressure, and the more time you spend rubbing your eyes, the faster your eye pressure will begin to rise. If the pressure goes above 25, you’re talking about damage to the optic nerve, which is irreversible. I wouldn’t worry, but if the pressure goes above 35, you might want to think about getting into a glaucoma specialist.

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    Glaucoma does run in the family- Grandpa only had 10% vision in one eye after it hit him. His was both eyes, which I figured was always the case with glaucoma. My problem is only the left eye, and I am putting a drop of prescribed liquid in my eye every night just before I turn the light out to sleep.

    Thank you Hester, and Russ.