Stage IV Anorectal Mucosal Melanoma


When I was 36 years old I ignored what I thought was a hemorrhoid for about six months until a lump grew in my groin, which finally got me into the doctor to get everything checked out. Little did I know that begin a journey where I would face one of the most extremely aggressive cancers, one very few doctors even know about. Since there is no known cause there’s no known standard of treatment for this type of cancer and so as a patient you feel the real meaning of “practicing medicine”. long story short I got into a clinical trial through Iovance biopharmaceuticals, and it saved my life. I was in the TIL program for the LN – 144 and had complete metabolic response and have been NED (no evidence of disease) for over the past 2 years. Because of all the previous treatment and everything, my body went through prior to getting the TIL, I do still have some chronic exhaustion, fatigue, and pain but I’m just glad I’m alive. I’ve since retired from the traditional 9 to 5 and I’m now in full-time advocacy mode for Mucosal Melanoma and cancer survivorship.

I have a lot of positivity and hope to share and the power to believe will go along way

I tried to attach some links about My clinical trial as well as a link to my survivor story recently published through the MRF but the CSN said I need to be a member longer before I can attach any links or pictures

My name is Chris White and I’m a stage IV Anorectal Mucosal Melanoma Survivor