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My wife is coming off of a year where she has had a number of surgeries, all but 1 of them related to her cancer, and is now having to deal with an employer that is concerned about her performance slipping and may be looking to terminate her. Does anyone know of any resources that we could contact that might be able to help us manage our way through this?


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    So sorry you and your wife have to navigate this problem when what you really need is support, empathy, and understanding.

    You can do an internet search for a local Equal Employment Opportunity Commission office who will guide and assist you with this and let you know what is available in your state. There are federal and state ADA laws against discrimination due to disability and chronic illness.

    Best wishes for both of you.

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    I would contact your wife's oncologist's office and ask if they can have a social worker contact you, perhaps from the cancer center they are affiliated with. Sometimes social workers have contact information for a free legal consultation to help formulate some strategy for this.

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    Thanks, these are both good suggestions. I will reach out to both. So far they are being a bit more supportive, keeping things positive from our end!