Lightening Sickness and Brain Tumor Survival Story

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I want to share part of my brain tumor survival story. I've always gotten sick with lightening, then a few years ago I got blasted with really strong electromagnetic fields while working on a grounding mat and received brain tumors; I have gotten concussions when I was a child, damaging my brain. Since then I started experiencing exponentially worst sickness and sensitivity to weather including extreme debilitating migraines, vomiting, fatigue, brain fog, loss of eye sight, and the strangest muscle spasms and skin sensations. I've always thought and been told for years that it's because of the pressure changes, however recently I have eliminated that as a cause. Doctors have been dancing around the truth, keeping me in the dark, diagnosing me with all kinds of illnesses such as "migraines", "sleep apnea", and "altitude sickness". I was born and grew up at sea level and lived in Colorado for about 6 years and after the strike happened I decided to take a leap of faith and move back to sea level, so I landed a job in Miami FL and packed up and left Colorado. I was so excited about the job that I lost focus on my health (bringing heat packs, ice packs, sunglasses,.. into work) and then lost track of life when I got wrongfully harassed and terminated for being transgender non-binary. My symptoms got much worst living in Miami, and I think deep down I felt like my body needed to "adjust" back to sea level, this was not true. When I couldn't work anymore, didn't qualify for state benefits for being non-binary, and all my retirement and savings drained, the IRS shorted me $1400 on my tax return I made a plan to live out of my car and study my health while I traveled to a place of no lightning. I found a map on the National Weather Service that color coded lightening intensity for the USA and found the NW, specifically Portland Oregon has the lowest lightening density in the country; Miami in fact is the worst, highest concentration of lightening above Colorado Springs; fun fact, Nicola Tesla moved to Colorado Springs to study lightening, I don't think people lived in Miami in Tesla's time, it used to be a swamp according to family that migrated there long ago, then in the 50s and 60s people started living there. As wild as it sounds, I knew I couldn't live in Miami nor with any of my friends or ex family so I stocked up on all my nature remedies (teas, vitamins, dry needles, …) and self therapy equipment (TENS, body roller, cupping,...), packed my car with as much stuff as I could fit in it and hit the road; my books and Buddhist belongings are most important to me, so I removed the front passenger seat of my RAV4 so I could fit as many of my books as possible and removed the back so I could fit a bed in it. I camped across the USA from the SE Miami to the other side in the NW Portland for a month, noting my symptoms and being fully aware of my body feelings and what I was doing or eating. I started to make a clear connection with the weather having removed all stress sources of people, bills, business, … in some spots I would start to feel better and then a lightening storm would come in and I would get sick. The most notable experience was while I was camping in the national forest in Idaho 300+ meters away from any humans, it was a beautiful sunny day with clear skies and I was feeling amazing, then out of no where I felt sick like my brain got hit by a train and it was still sunny out and I felt hopeless. Then about 5-10 min later a dark grey cloud billowed over the hill and it started to rain and lightening, which turned my mood around, there was the reason out of nowhere. I was flustered but felt oddly hopeful seeing the storm so I decided that I couldn't live in Idaho so when I felt better I packed up and left in the night; it was the night of the Flower Moon, I won't ever forget that either, because money was running out and I needed to keep moving, I tasted the moon well enough. I got into Oregon and had to find camp in this place called Devil's Canyon, so I stayed there for a little bit but moved on after I ran out of food. I then traveled further west to Bend Oregon, thinking this would be the best city to live homeless in, it's already an outdoorsy city! However a storm approached and I got sick, notably less sick (⅓-½ intensity) and started to feel slightly hopeless about Portland and if that didn't work I was just going to head south towards San Diego (2nd lowest lightening in the USA) and if that didn't work it was off to Mexico. I got to Portland and setup a camp in the streets (read online that it's not illegal to camp in Portland) and was no longer sick, and have been living around the city on the streets of Portland since June 2022 having only experienced a handful of headaches which have been food and sleep deprivation related, there was only one lightening strike last summer in Portland and I remember barely even feeling sick (my brain felt a little foggy). 

It may sound strange, but I have been physically assaulted 5 times including being stabbed, punched, ribs kicked, head busted, rocks thrown at, raped (police refused to file report), police arrested for no reason and threw me in jail (I assume I reported the police chiefs kid for selling meth, my arrest happened a few days after reporting this dealer I saw on the streets to the police and DEA). If you sum up all this physical abuse with living on the streets and living in jail, it isn't anywhere near as painful and miserable as living in lightening and enduring sickness. It's one thing when someone says no you can't do something (you can control your mind and feelings), I'm sure everyone here at ACS agrees it's another thing when your body says no stop trying to live, it's a level of torture you can't explain nor do people understand (they just see your body and judge), especially when it's something out of your control like the weather and all of your life is seated in that location not able to easily move without "disrupting the system"... 

It sounds counter intuitive, but my body is free now and no longer a slave to the weather and medical refusing to acknowledge the effects and use their power properly. I read a book called "The Migraine Miracle" and in this book they teach sufferers how to manage and treat their illness by watching and eliminating triggers along with developing healthy habits. None of this works when the fundamental trigger and aggressor is the weather which is out of your control, creating a viscous and hopeless cycle of suffering and trying to remove the suffering to no avail. Now that weather has been removed from the equation I can live healthy and happily, which is greater than any physical material belonging or social status. I've learned how to survive on the streets, which shouldn't be the way to live a happy healthy equitable life, however it's not the worst, especially in Portland Oregon. People act to make homelessness seem like death, but it's been a fountain of health for me, and sadly there are people who make a career out of acting (call them con artists, people who got art degrees which only have utility in being a mindless lying stupid scumbag) like homelessness is so bad and feel sorry for the homeless (the specific homeless person, however they're trying to paint a false truth for money), when in fact it's a vacation almost. Portland Oregon has so many homeless resources from food (vegetarian and vegan options as well), shelter creation (tents, tarps, bungees, …), emergency shelters for when the weather becomes intolerable (ice storms), and even publishes a little book to guide you to all your free resources. As long as you know how to operate a fork, tie your shoes, and can stay away from hard drugs (it's a big pandemic and part of the government business here) you can live a nice life on the streets of Portland; can even beg for money for medicine and vitamins with little to no issues, I just beg for exactly what I need and nothing more, and infact share the extra. If you've donated money or volunteered time to homelessness in the past you can use this to your advantage when people try to shame you, essentially you've paid into a "time share" lol so don't feel guilty for taking care of your health. Once you get food stamps that's really all you need to live if you can balance free meals from the soup kitchens like Blanchet House and Portland Rescue Mission; I even buy nice coffee and chocolate that I couldn't ever afford. The library has free books and Powell's Books has the newest selection and they don't bother me when I read (I make sure to be respectful, wash my hands, they know I'm homeless sometimes by my dirty look), one person working there gave me $20 for breakfast and I went back in and secretly bought this book I've been wanting to buy after I had all my Buddhist books stolen from me during Bodhi (holy Buddhist holiday) by the city contractor Rapid Response (after I reported the meth dealer). As long as you stay away from drugs, anti-police crap, anarchist crap, and other local political beliefs the nasty corrupt people in the streets will have no power over you and will eventually have to stop stalking you as they won't be able to stand around you nor get any response that they can go make a trade with.

I'm not a doctor and have no idea why lightening makes me so sick, but as electrical engineer I'm extremely curious why. My best theory is that the electromagnetic disturbances from the lightening either activate pain and vomit centers of the brain or cause the brain to swell because of possibly over activating an area causing the neurons to "chain react" (positive feedback, keep pumping and swell) and "melt down" that part of the brain or increase swelling reducing circulation of new nutrients and impeding expelling of waste products leading to pain.

It's a sad reality, as I have been a good citizen, saved four people from death, never harmed a single person with my body (punched, kicked,..), always paid my bills, good credit, and worked hard to earn a useful degree for society (BS and MS in EE and ECE) just to be harvested for my body (make matters worst, I have tried to join the military 3 times and was turned down including active and reserve duties, so this is a clear medical Hitler issue). If I had the choice of being a billionaire living in a masion in Miami or having no money living in a tent under a bridge in Portland I choose the tent, because I can live again. It rains so much here and it almost makes me want to cry thinking about it, because for most of my life rain meant sickness, however I can sit and enjoy the peace and relaxation of the rainfall without being sick, a feeling I haven't felt since childhood. It's so nice not having to sleep my life away with ice packs, heat packs, ibuprofen, every vitamin you can think of just so I can wake up sick again. My next step is to somehow wake medical up to this so they can properly fix this issue, break the business and framework of using it and wake my industry up to it. I post my story here because there is no way that I am the only person who suffers from lightening. Years ago, back in 2016 I actually tried moving to Portland, confident that lightening was an issue along with it being sea level, and I could never get a single company to reply to my applications, but I could get responses everywhere else in the USA (I landed a job with relocation benefits in Miami after just a week or two after applying). This sadly tells me that I have been tracked in some sort of "Cyber Holocaust" level system preventing me from living a healthy life, and worst got my illness exaggerated when I got blasted with EMF in Colorado back in May 2020 (medical/news was calling it the "brain eating bacteria", trying to cover up a nasty "home" study they did with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, probably to a lot more people than just me, I just happened to be working on an ESD grounding mat which created a current path back to the source in the wall and allowed my brain to receive multiple EM loads and overstretch/burn up rather than charge up and maintain stiffness for better words.

I know I'm not supposed to encourage people to do anything about their treatment or life choices with their cancer, which is not what I'm doing. I hope my story inspires people to take the necessary leap in life to get healthy and feel better.

If I had the money I would start a new company called "Care-A-Van", a medically backed camping van rental company. Basically the van would be loaded full of sensors (weather, allergen collector, …), video, audio, health instruments (blood pressure, blood sugar, …), and include a display and robot guide to remind and navigate you on your health study and development journey. A sick person would checkout the van for themselves or have a caretaker drive them to different locations to see how climate effects their health and camp for a few days staying in suspected good, bad, and neutral locations. The results would be summarized, and ideally if you landed in a spot that you no longer felt sick in then your insurance would pay to have all your belongings moved and someone set you up in a new home (ideally a house, people with cancer shouldn't have to live in apartments) so you don't have to go back to the bad location again and experience pain; just like a cop should be able to remove a bad person from stabbing you, however sadly this isn't the case in society and I have the cases to prove it. 

Don't be a slave to the weather.