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Background:  54 yr old female.  Thyroid cancer in 2014, heart disease/open heart surgery 2016, Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2017.

My mom passed away 25 yrs ago at the age of 49.  She wasn’t feeling well, went to hospital on a Tuesday, chest X ray showed nodules in her lungs.  Two days later, on Thursday she had a biopsy, she died that night.  An autopsy revealed that her body was full of cancer, the primary tumour from her lungs.

My journey so far.  I have had two CT scans and a PET scan. 

  • I have two 13mm nodules in my right upper lung both Hypermetabolic, irregular, somewhat spiculated.  PET scan indicated one nodule absorbed the tracer with SUV of 5.6
  • Extensive mediastinal and periportal lymphadenopathy in addition to a splenic focus
  • A focus of uptake in the descending colon 15mm with SUV of 10

I had a biopsy one week ago and am awaiting the results.  The radiologist told me that if the biopsy comes back inconclusive, they could try a second biopsy or remove the nodules.  Last week’s biopsy was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had.  The Dr accidentally hit a nerve and I had severe pain for the next 24 hrs.  I do not want to go through that again.

Given the above, if the results are inconclusive, is it unreasonable to want the nodules removed?

I don’t know anyone that has been on this journey, that’s the reason I’m reaching out.  I’m hopeful that the biopsy will be conclusive but I also want to be prepared if a diagnosis isn’t possible.


Thank you 🙏🏼