Endo Thickness of 33.4mm/Biopsy Tomorrow

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Hi. I’m a late 30s, PCOS, obese female who has experienced pretty severe and heavy periods over the last year which include nice sized clots. My spotting in between periods began about two years ago which was minimal at first. I thought it was a sign that I was ovulating. 😂 However, those light spotting episodes have now turned into a daily experience in between my “periods” … and even while on birth control.

I recently had ultrasounds and it was discovered that my uterus is well over 15cm. It was also said that I have every single type of fibroid (at least 7) that range from 4cm-10cm along with a thickness of endo lining of 33mm. There was also a “hyper vascular mass (it said “fibroid vs. mass” on report, not sure what that means) of 5cm” noted and says I’m presenting as 16-18 weeks.

I have an in endo biopsy tomorrow in office. My stomach hurts tonight. I think it’s anxiety but I’m sure it’s also due to the garbage inside of me. 😂

Can anyone share words of encouragement? Truths? Prayers? Reminders?


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    I did not experience the same problems as you've been suffering from. Bit I'm glad they decided to give you the biopsy before they proceed with any surgical interventions to address the fibroids. While an endometrial biopsy isn't always a perfect indicator for cancer, it has been helpful information for many women here. I hope you learn the results of that test very soon.

    But keep in mind that fibroids are not not usually a sign of cancer. The women that I can recall here who only had fibroids saw their problems resolve once the fibroids were removed. I hope that will be the case in your situation. But let us know what is planned as the next step and if you should, unfortunately, have cancer, we want to support you through that as well.

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    Welcome ExhaustedElle. I'm sorry to read about all your problems. I had fibroids too about your age. I had them removed surgically as I was trying to get pregnant. They did cause discomfort too. It was so long ago they probably didn't measure my endometrial lining. You are young and everything is likely to be benign. It is scary to think about a bad outcome but it is very unlikely. I hope they get all your problems settled for you. It sounds like you are in really good hands. And I will send prayers too. All the best!

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    I hope your endometrial biopsy went well yesterday. Hopefully you will find out soon what you've got going on in your uterus. I made the mistake of taking an exercise class the day after my biopsy and started to bleed quite a bit. So my advice would be to take it easy for several days, or for whatever longer period of time your gynecologist recommended.

    Please come back and let us know what you find out after you get your biopsy results. I will cross my fingers that all your issues end up being benign and that they can be resolved in short order.

    Good luck to you!

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    ExhaustedElle, I am late to the game here to wish you well for your procedure, but I hope it went well and you come back to visit us and let us know how it goes.

    Hugs dear

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    How are you doing?