does this sound like I might have lymphoma?

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Hey everyone, i would like to thank you in advance for your availability and for helping so many people.

im an 18 years old white girl and I’m a little concerned since I’ve had a weird lump on my left groin for quite some time. 2 years, if not more. I’ve had one in the right area a couple years ago but it went away, not long after, I got the one on the left side which won’t go away. I’ve had it recently check by a gynecologist but he said that it doesn’t sound concerning, maybe and ingrown hair and if it does not go away, to come back. I did go back (for another reason) and I asked another gynecologist about it and he said that it does not seem concerning.

I’ve been concerned about lymphoma quite some times, because when I was 15 I felt like my lymph nodes on my neck were swollen. I went to the doctor and he checked everything but told me not to worry. I don’t have them anymore. He also did a blood test and said that my white blood cell were a little low but nothing serious. In the past I struggled with low vitamin D and anemia but now I don’t have any problem of the sort.

Recently I’ve been struggling with certain infections. UTI’s after sex and a couple harsh colds (I discovered I have asthma). For a month I’ve been experiencing a lot of twitching all over my body and bc of all of this situation I took a lot of blood tests which all said that I’m perfectly fine.

Back to the lump on the groin: when I first noticed it, it was skin colored and I could kinda move it and when I squeezed it, it would hurt and pus would come out.

Today I looked at it and it is a little grey/purple-ish and I thought that it might be an ingrown hair. There were two little holes on it. I tried to squeeze it and some liquidy white “pus” came out, blood as well after. It kinda hurt at the beginning (very little), but then, especially after squeezing it, it stopped hurting. Recently, when I touch the upper left groin area, I get a very painful pinch like sensation. Almost as if the nerve was damaged, but it goes away immediately. It’s not in the lump, it’s way above it.

I dont think anyone from the family had lymphoma or leukemia. Only my grandma had some problems with her thyroids.

Does this sound concerning?

Again, I thank you all for your amazing support. 🫶🏻