Just curious what this means while I have to wait a week for my doctor to return from vacation...

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So recently I had a CT scan for a cough I have had for months which feels like the same type of cough I had when they found thyroid cancer 2.5 years ago, while there is a lot of things in there that is just like "yeah that makes sense, that is kind of expected" there is one thing that seems like a contradictory statement. While I am not going to go into the other findings not related to the thyroid area part of the CT results say the following

"Lower Neck: Redemonstration of a right thyroid lobe heterogeneous nodule. No new or progressive thyroid lobe nodules. Similar prominent lymph nodes supraclavicular region left greater than right. No axillary lymphadenopathy. "

Now the reason it seems like the first two sentence contradict is because when I read " Redemonstration of a right thyroid lobe heterogeneous nodule" I read " Seen again of a right thyroid lobe heterogeneous nodule". And when I read "No new or progressive thyroid lobe nodules" I read that there is no new or growing nodules. But seeing as I had my Thyroid removed 2.5 years ago how can there be a redemonstration of a nodule while at the same time having no new nodule?

Like I said I will go over the results with my doctor when they get back, but I am just curious how both those sentences can be true when any nodules that were there during the first CT scan would have been removed when my thyroid was removed, so either there is a new nodule in the same region that there was before my thyroidectomy and the second sentence can't be true, or redemonstration isn't being used in a way that makes sense. So while I have to wait I am curious if that is something that is concerning or not seeing as it is as clear as mud as to wither there was a nodule or not.