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IS elevated TSH normal with HEAD & NECK cancer. I am almost 4 years post and my TSH has risen from 5.7 to 7.2 in 2 weeks. TS4 free is normal. I know when i see my oncologist he always makes sure my Thyroid is checked... I have read that about 30% who have had this type of cancer and radiation that this is common side effect


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    Yes, absolutely with this cancer treatment the thyroid levels need to be checked regularly. If your levels are changing they probably will adjust your meds to get it in the right level area. Then once stabilized I think it is getting it checked every 6 months to a year, whatever your doctor feels is necessary. Some people are really affected by their treatment others not so much.

    Take Care God Bless-Russ

    What happens when TSH levels are too high? If you have too much TSH, it may indicate that your thyroid isn't making enough thyroid hormone. This condition is called hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid. A number of conditions can cause hypothyroidism, including Hashimoto's disease.Jul 25, 2022

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    thx you so much for the reply

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    As Russ mentioned, after our treatments, the TSH levels need to be checked regularly. My Radiation Oncologist told me after Treatment "It's not a matter IF my Thyroid would fail, but a matter of WHEN it would fail". It took nearly 5 years for it to happen but I noticed a change in energy level and local Doctor noticed a spike in my TSH. She did not hesitate to start me on a low dose of Thyroxine to get me back to a normal level. We did increases every 45 days until I was in range. My energy level increased as time went on.

    My Best to You and Everyone Here

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    Thx Marine for the information ... I see my primary care next week so we will go from there.

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    The treatments destroy the thyroid. Eventually you will need meds to stabilize the hormone in your bloodstream.

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    i talked with my doctor about starting medication and she said to wait until it rises to 10. She said once you start it you can't come off it. She was also worried about my heart medications. In 3 months i'll have another blood test and we will go from there.

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    Hi, I am also post 4 yrs. treatment. My TSH started rising this past year and my doctor said when it hits 10 we will start medication. My oncologist also made the statement that it was a matter of when and not if my thyroid would fail.