CEA marker decrease without any therapy

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My father is suspicious for lung carcinoma (nodule that grows slowly 12 years, to 30x40 mm).

We are waiting for final brochoscopy results (no visual confitmation of infiltration).

CEA marker was 52 two months ago. Last week was 46, so there is some decrease in this marker level, but there is no therapy my dad did. Just spontanous decrease.

All other markers (cyfra, nse, ca 19-9) from last week test are normal.

I read that CEA decrease when therapy or surgery is working...

Could it be it is some non malignant cause of such high cea.

First doctor pulmologist, suspects on lung adenocarcinoma stage 4. My father is looking bealthy, no weight loss, no breathing problems, no unusual pain, no cough.

Jsut ankylosing spondylitis which is with him whole life (79 years).

This CEA fluctuation is confusing us, but it gives us a hope that it could be some non malignant reason for so high values...


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    It is a very good sign that your father's nodule appears to be decreasing in size.

    However, lung cancer is called the silent killer because frequently there are no signs until late stages, most often in stage 4. The bronchoscopy should be able to confirm type of carcinoma and stage and you can plan from there.

    I was the picture of health. I hiked about 10,000 steps Mon- Fri up some large hills. My diet was very healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, few sweets, no sodas and almost no alcohol. I didn't have any signs of ill health till I got a chest infection. I was going to a family get together and thought I might need actual cold medicine and went to urgent care. They took an X-ray and found that I had almost a 3" tumor and swollen lymph nodes. If the tumor hadn't pressed against my windpipe because of the cold, we would not have found it. I had my left lung removed in May, went through chemo and am back to walking about 2 miles a day and expect to be around for a long time.

    Hopefully, your father's nodule is nothing serious but, don't let his apparent health deter you for getting answers.

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    Hi! I am glad that You are in good condition and solved it on the time.

    My fathers nodule is not decreasing (we are not done second CT yet). The CEA tumor marker is decreasing, but without any therapy or surgery. That is confusing and in the same time, encouraging.

    And, likewise, other tumor markers (CYFRA, CA19, NSE) are normal, although for this stage of cancer (unconfirmed stage 4) is pretty strange not to be increased.

    So we are still waiting for final bronchoscopy results. Visual examination through bronchoscope did not confirm neither exclude the infiltration.

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    We'll keep our fingers crossed. Waiting is the hardest.

    There is a really amazing book-Radical Remission that has some interesting stories. The author did an extensive amount of research with survivors, practitioners and folks in the medical community. She found there were about 95 different things the folks she interviewed had tried but there we about 9 or 12 all of them had in common. She includes a lot of stories, I suspect your father is already doing some of the the items they all had in common.

    Please keep me posted, I will include your father and family in prayer.

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    Has your father had a colonoscopy? CEA is used to monitor colon cancer.