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I am 18 years old and a virgin, vaccinated against HPV. I have some symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding and pain in the lower back. Could it be symptoms of cervical cancer? I am very worried and scared.


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    Welcome Mariana00. You are young and maybe you have never had a Pap smear. Family doctors can do that and there are lots of women doctors now. You can only answer your question by seeing a health care provider who can examine you. Ask your friends who they see for a recommendation. Good luck.

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    Forherself, I think that is a great suggestion for mariana00.

    mariana00, take a breath. You are young and smart to get things checked out, but try not to get ahead of yourself.

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    As other members have written, getting a checkup from a doctor when things are off in your body is important at any age. While abnormal vaginal bleeding is always a concern, there are other causes, such as benign polyps or fibroids that can also cause this to happen.

    But you've taken an important first step in cancer prevention by having the HPV vaccine. So you've reduced your risk of having cervical cancer even further than women were able to in the past.

    Do feel free to come back and let us know what your doctor finds, if you'd like. Even if your issues are easily resolved, your story can help others who find this site in the future.