Thyroid cancer in lungs and spine

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My daughter was diagnosed this past August with Thyroid cancer. Her full thyroid was removed, and 2 weeks ago when they did the scan during RAI treatment they found cancer in her lungs and a spot on her spine. They said it is from her thyroid and the RAI is the correct treatment. We have been working with an endocrinologist and nuclear medicine doctor, along with the surgeon. I am wondering if we need to start seeing an oncologist as well, and if anyone with the same diagnosis might have any suggestions or advice it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello. I am so sorry about this diagnosis. This sounds like my case. Nuc med and your Endo should be part of an oncology team.

    Before RAI treatment (for me), there were many spots that showed up on PET scan. After RAI, fewer and none that were suspicious. I think if all of us on planet earth had scans, we would all have spots, but the VAST majority are benign.

    That said, if you have good Doctors, trust them and the science behind this diagnosis. If caught early, I was assured this cancer I will not die of. If you would like to msg me privately, please do, I will be happy to share MY experience. 3 years of it now.

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