Octriotide for a snowbird??

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My dad gets octriotide injections every 2 months. When he is in Florida for the winter, he actually spends about $600 to travel back to Ohio to get the injections insisting that "my personal doctor needs to do them because they freeze and thaw and mix and...it's tricky". My girlfriend has been through breast cancer recently and I paid a lot of attention at her infusion appointments - enough to know that chemo treatments are a prescription, and all of the nurses know what they are doing. All said, is it likely (and how would I do it) that I could find a doctor / location in Sebring, Florida do do an injection for my dad? Call who? Say what? Have what information ready to share, etc? And 10 other questions I have not considered??? It seems to be simple...Ohio doctor calls Dr. X and says "I have a patient who needs an octriotide shot as per this Rx / formula". ???