2.5cm mass in kidney -- Ok to wait 6 months for check?

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I'm in my 50's. I just had a check with a urologist. They did an x-ray and noticed a 2.5cm mass on one of my kidneys. He didn't seem concerned, and said he wanted to wait 6 months to do a dye check to get more information.

If it is something, wouldn't it make more sense to check it sooner than later? Why wait 6 mos? He said it could be a benign cyst with no issues. He said it's extremely unlikely for it to grow past a 4cm mark, which he thought was some sort of factor, in six months.

My question is, though, why wait?

Thank you.


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    Do whatever you are comfortable with, nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

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    I’d check with a urologic oncologist. If all you’ve had is an x-Ray, I think a urologic oncologist would want a CT scan with contrast before recommending active surveillance. I got diagnosed with a 1.5cm lesion on my right kidney after microscopic blood was found in my urine during a routine physical. The UO I was referred to, based on the CT, suggested active surveillance, as many lesions that small turn out benign. I asked about the chances of growth and/or spread with that approach and he said both were highly unlikely in the six month intervals for rescanning. But, again, that was recommended with the benefit of him having a CT in hand.

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    Agree with everything said above.

    Waiting six months wouldn't necessarily be out of the ordinary. Even if it turns out to be malignant, you're at little risk of it potentially spreading until it's over 4cm in size.

    But I would ask for a CT scan so that you get a better assessment now of what you're up against.

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    Like others are saying, I would get a second opinion and not wait 6 months. The fact they are calling out a 2.5cm mass from a plain x-ray is peculiar to say the least.

    Like the others have said, find a urologist with experience with renal tumors. A CT scan would tell a lot about what is going on in your abdomen.

    They found my first tumor when it was only 2.2 cm and told me I could wait a few months if I wanted. This was based on the CT findings and my urologist recommendations. I went to MD Anderson for treatment.

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    I recently had my RCC accidentally discovered when I had gotten a CT done for unusual stomach pain. My left kidney had an evolving mass of 2.9x 2.4 cm. My surgeon recommended a partial Radio Nep which is scheduled for Jan 9. It seems it grows 3 mm-5 mm per year and remains un-noticed for years.

    You have a long runway so I don't think you should lose sleep; but, a CT scan is a good idea, coz It reveals far more than just size including shape, position, and adjacent spreading (if any).

    Take it easy...... given what you have shared - you are at Stage 1A as per my reading.


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    I totally agree with checking with a urologic oncologist for a second opinion. I went METS after 4 years of NED so I'm a bit more sensitive here. Now mine was much larger at 6.5cm, but my opinion is get a second look! Even if they agree to wait and see you will feel better about it...

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    I was diagnosed with a 2.5 cm mass on my left kidney after a sonogram of my kidney's, due to low kidney function test. I had a CT scan, and the results indicated that the mass was consistent with cancer, and was not a cyst. The urologist did indicate the CT scan was needed do make that determination.

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    Hi Andy, I would agree with what others have said, a second opinion and CT scan sounds like it would give you peace of mind knowing for sure sooner rather than later. Please keep us updated.

  • Andy823
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    Thank you all. I appreciate the time and care for the feedback.

    I've asked to get a check done earlier, and they agreed to move it up a few months.

    So I'm set to get a CT scan with contrast in April now instead of June.


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    I faced a similar dilemma. I had a 2.4 cm mass. I ended up getting a second opinion from a physician at a teaching hospital in a nearby city who recommended robotic partial nephrectomy. The surgery was pretty mild compared to some other surgeries that I had had for other conditions. I was relieved to get the mass out of there. Whatever you choose to do, I hope it will be successful. Good luck.

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    Andy, I used to be a radiology transcriptionist in a new hospital. When the subject of getting a second opinion came up while a patient was talking with one of our radiologists, our doctors would tell them that if their urologist, surgeon or primary care doctor gets upset or offended because the patient wants a second opinion, it's time to look for someone else. Like others are saying here, it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion, if only to ease your mind a bit. The dye check will probably be an IVP (intravenous pyelogram), which is a lot more detailed and accurate than an x-ray. They can look at the border and shape, and "shadows" in that area.

    As far as waiting six months, if you do decide to get a second opinion, I'd ask him about that, too. Also, if you start having pain or a lot of discomfort on that side of your back, or in the area where that kidney is located, let your doctor know. It's better to find out it's nothing serious, than worry yourself to a head of grey hair (like I do). Your mass is not that big (my husband's was 15cm, and kidney was 13cm), but when you get to be my age, you find that you sometimes have to be your own advocate, since no one knows YOUR BODY like you do!

    Andy, take care of yourself, and let us know how everything goes. I'll be thinking about you until we DO hear from you!

  • Andy823
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    Thank you everyone.

    I got my checkup and they said I had a Bosniac 2F cyst. He said there wasn't noticeable change from six months ago, so wants me to wait a year now before the next checkup.

    While a level 1 would have been even better, a 2 is good and I'm happy with it.

    Thank you all.