Prostrate cancer

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My husband just has his prostrate removed 3 months ago, we just had a PET scan and it shows a 4 centimeter growth on a lymph node, also he has fluid build up beneath his bladder we are not getting any information from our urologist on what to do just a call from her nurse stating what was found and she cannot tell us anything else?? Does anyone have any information about this?


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    Hi Rickwood,

    I wonder if you are mistaking on the type of the image study used by your doctor (done three months after prostatectomy) that identified the fluid build up and the 4 cm Lymph node. Probably you want to say that he had a MRI or CT.

    Something doesn't fit and your worries may be confusing your understanding.

    Your husband is still within the typical recovery period of 6 months post RP. Many things could arise.

    I think it better for you to wait for his doctor's opinion before mimicking anything.

    Best wishes