Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Esophagus

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63 male former drunk and sober since July 23, 1998, since smoking went hand in hand with drinking I also smoke ciggs, you know the little warning that says it causes cancer? they ain't lying, says right there on the box.

now I will say that life has been the experience of a life time, learned tons and will never stop learning. I will be true for now on for I know my days are numbered.

they will not remove it because of its location and threat to my life. too risky. they will kill it in place and be the less evasive direction which I like,

I'm OK with it. acceptance is the key to life I have found in the rooms and out of AA, AA fooled me about God and since I have had a few near death experiences. really nice ones. I did say that a few more years would be nice cause I still have stuff to help fix while I'm here.

I will beat this or pass and from It, seems like the living suffer in death, when we go home you will see we are just visiting and the love there makes me cry.

I am happy to have great people in my care. thank you all at Flagstaff Medical Center and the VA too. 😁


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    Hi Edward,

    I am sorry you find yourself here with a diagnosis of esophageal cancer. There are many new treatments for chemotherapy , radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. Sending positive thoughts your way for a successful and easy to tolerate treatment plan.

    Be sure to get a second opinion from a major cancer center that has a specialty in the treatment of esophageal cancer as esophageal cancer is a relatively rare cancer and not all hospitals have the latest information on innovative new treatment plans.