Ovarian Cancer

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Hi all, new member here. A summary of what I have been through so far. My doctor sent me to get a ct scan after complaining of a slight discomfort in my tummy. Scan confirmed a 5cm cyst. From there my gp referred me to a gynaecologist who recommended removal of ovaries and Fallopian tubes. Firstly she sent me for a blood test to check for cancer markers, none where found. 3 days after the surgery she said the cyst has come back positive for cancer. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Things moved quickly from there she referred me to the oncology unit at the hospital where the surgeon there recommended more surgery to have a radical hysterectomy plus an omentectomy and pelvic perotinectomy. This was 3 weeks ago. 7 days after surgery the surgeon called and said that the results of my surgery were that no more cancer was found and they classed it as a 1C2 low grade serous carcinoma. My follow up appointment with the hospital won’t be for another 8 months. The surgeon mentioned me going on a drug called Letrozole. Has anyone taken/taking this?