Worried about 17yr old son

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Hello, for the past few months my son has been dealing with horrible night sweats. He said they happen about 3-4 times a week and are severe. He sleeps in his underwear but his sheets are completely drenched through. I don’t know if I’d say he has other symptoms that are new. He’s always tired but he’s a teen and has complained about being tired for years. He has frequent nosebleeds in the shower in the morning but has suffered bad nosebleeds since he was a small child. His weight seems ok. He was pretty sick about 2 months ago and lost a lot of weight then but is ok now. Other than these awful night sweats nothing else seems distinct. But I know the night sweats to this degree are NOT normal. Any advice or insight??


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    hi! I was recently diagnosed with AML. Some of my symptoms were low blood counts, night sweats, nosebleeds and fatigue. I also had pain that stayed in one spot which they said happens when your body is telling you something is wrong.