What Actual Cancer Org Findraising $ Goes to Survivors (not Meta or LT Treatment)

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The cancer community [Content removed by CSN Support Team] raises millions upon millions annually (and pays executives very well). Yet my research shows that ZERO dollars are available to patients who survive treatment - with all the horrific long term physical, emotional, and financial hardships. Every single financial assistance option they list requires patients to be “in treatment” or to “currently have cancer.” I’d LOVE to know if ANYONE can point me in the direction of ANY org that offers grants/financial assistance to actual survivors. Because - news flash - we are not okay for a long time! I’m physically disabled and financially destitute from treatment 5 ys out. With the economy causing housing to skyrocket, I can no longer afford basic living expenses. I’ve combed the Internet to find NO help (just waiting lists and less than $50 in assistances for food and fuel). Please help if you know of anything! If not, I want to expose this because it has ruined my life.


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