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I've entered my 4th week post-radiation, and have made a trip with my wife and two pups to the Oregon Coast to celebrate and start to recover from the losses I've endured over the past year. The first thing I noticed glancing out at the ocean was true relaxation in my body, and tearful gratitude at seeing my little family enjoying the Pacific like we used to. (Something I thought, at one point, I'd never see again.) But then, out of nowhere, I was completely exhausted. At the same time, I broke down sobbing. It was like everything hit me all at once. Have I been too busy just getting through diagnosis, surgery, and treatments to grasp the seriousness of having cancer? Is this part of the fatigue or something else? How long did it take you to come to terms with it all?


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    Immediately after finishing chemo and radiation I had the same, I felt good enough to do stuff, participate in life again, but then would soon crash physically and emotionally. We go through so much, have a great deal of repressed emotions that sometimes we cannot cope, at that moment. For me it got better, month after month. I am sure you will be able to manage better as time goes on. I am glad that you feel ok with sharing with us.



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    Denise, Thanks for the encouraging words. I guess I haven't truly had much fatigue yet, so ta-da! Here it is. Plus the emotional release. Ugh. It is a lot. Sharing with this group is very special for me. I haven't had much support at home. My teams of care-givers really got me through. And now all of you.

    xxoo to you too.


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    I think we all hope that once treatment ends that we’ll feel better soon – both physically and mentally. But that process varies by individual and there can be a lot of starts and stops along the way.

    Some family members and friends can be really supportive when someone gets a cancer diagnosis and throughout treatment, while others are less so. In my case, my one sister and best friend were really there for me. My other sister did what she could, but was limited in her help due to her own health issues. And my brother did absolutely nothing – not even an email to see how I was doing. Other friends and family also checked in with me and provided some help as they could from a distance, but the lion’s share of support came from my sister and best friend.

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    Yes, I agree with cmb, it is a process. I also agree with Carol, this site is a wonderful place for support.

    I was told radiation continues to work for up to 6 weeks, so it would make sense that there may be lingering effects. If you had not experienced the fatigue until just now is wonderful. I recall falling over (on the sofa) and sleeping as soon as I got home from work, or the shear inability to move at my office desk. It gets better. We have put our body through a lot. Be gentle to yourself.

    As for support, I think people don't always know HOW to support us or what they should do. Again, why this site is such a respite.

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    I just checked out your "About" page and am brought to tears. Everything you say resonates with me, so very deeply. I'm a newbie here, and I'm so grateful for the long-timers on this site. Thank for for your abiding care and support. Congratulations on your continued good health (and life!). I hope to do the same as time passes.

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    Dear Carol,

    I agree with all my friends here….it’s a lot. It’s ALL a lot….and it takes time to get past it. I didn’t have radiation, but the chemo caused tremendous fatigue. And it could come and go. I was impatient to feel like my old self again, but I, too, was encouraged by the ladies here to BE patient and you WILL get better.

    As to your emotional well-being, I think when you were able to truly relax and think about other things than treatment, your emotions had a chance to take center stage. Perfectly normal, I think! I said this to my husband many times….sometimes I was more serious than others…he’d ask “How are you doing? I’d reply, “Just trying not to die.” (Many times it was “Doing everything I can to not throw-up!”) My point is… ;)) While we are in the throes of treatment, we just try to get through each day and make it to the next. There’s no denial of the seriousness of the situation, it’s just that you have a lot of other things to worry about at the moment!

    I’m so glad you had a lovely time with your family. We are here for you!

    ❤️, A

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    Thank you, thatblondegirl.

    Your words are very encouraging indeed. I think your assessment is spot on about finally letting the cancer take center stage. It didn't feel like much of a choice at the time...but I believe I needed to hit the bottom before climbing out of the hole. I have found a lot of support on this site. It's pretty special. I am feeling a lot better. I have every reason to believe I'm through the worst of it and can slowly build my strength, physical and emotional, through doing, and enjoying, my daily routines.

    I'm so sorry you had/have to go through cancer's challenges. I wish for you a wonderful holiday season! Truly.

    Carol 💗